Share your love of pets with Pet Milestone Cards

At Pet Milestones we know how important your pets are.

They are your soul mates. Enjoying long brisk walks along the beach, cuddles on the couch, and bathing you in love (and saliva) after they have redesigned your brand new shoes.

And they are your slave drivers. Never afraid to remind you of your puny human place in this feline conquered world, showing you just enough affection to have it no other way.

But most of all they are your family. They make you laugh, cry, squeal, sigh and shake your head – and we want to make sure you capture every sPETacular moment.

The Original Pet Milestone Cards


Catering for both cat and dog lovers Pet Milestone Cards come in a pack of 20, featuring cat milestones on one side and dog milestones on the other to give you double the fun. Each deck contains 18 pre-written meme cards on a wide range of milestones with two blank cards to personalise for your pet.

Know a pet lover? Why not grab them a set of Pet Milestone Cards too, they’ll PAWSitively love it!




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Life is never boring with pets, in fact, it’s all the more worth living.

Here at Pet Milestones we help you capture the proud, funny, infuriating, lovable, cringe-worthy and somewhat PETculiar moments that come with being a pet owner.

Brought to you by Millie, the profoundly playful, innocent, though not always so bright puppy, and Edith, the pretentious, yet cute-when-she-wants-to-be cat devoted to human domination, Pet Milestone cards help you capture your pet’s firsts – and what you hope will be your pet’s lasts.

EDITH – You have photographed the milestones of those silly little humans for long enough – it’s time you turned your attention to the most important species in the house – me. Don’t you know how popular cat images are on social media?

MILLIE: Edith, why don’t you put a bone in your mouth instead of your paw? Though I must say my shoe redesigning skills would get comments for sure!

Catering for both cat and dog lovers, milestone cards come in a pack of 20 with two blank cards for personalisation.

So what are you waiting for? Now you can celebrate the unconditional love you have for your pets – and have a little fun in the process.


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